Babies Bring in Abundance

Written by Christy Whitman November 28, 2011

Many people are aware of the costs involved when you have a baby. We think of the price of diapers and formula. As they get older and go to school, we become aware of the costs of private schools, clothes (especially for girls) and then ultimately college. Many parents make this their focus, and when they are focused on how much a child costs, it puts them in a lack perspective which can lead to feelings of resentment for some. We think of what we are missing or how much we have to work in order to support the kids.

The truth is that babies bring in abundance when they are born. It is up to us whether we attune to that abundance or resist it by the thoughts and beliefs we hold. When I was pregnant with my second son, Maxim, my PR person told me, “Congratulations on your abundance.” That is truly how I felt. She then went on to say, “Each new child brings in even more abundance into the family. You are already so abundant, I can’t wait to see what you bring in.”

And I held that focus. The truth was I already had a beautiful home, but because of the expansion of our family, we needed a bigger one. We were able to find the most beautiful model house, and we got it at a great price. Everything was already created in the home and because it was a model home, it had all the upgrades that I would have wanted. It was perfect for us and the price was great too.

Since I have had both of my boys, my abundance has increased each and every year. My business became more successful. The opportunities available to me are abundant. And because of the energy they bring in with them, there is an abundance of love.

It is not hard to feel good when you look at your amazing babies and feel such gratitude for these little beings for choosing you. It is easy to be in their presence and feel the joy that they emit from their little eyes. It is easy to have your vibration raised when they do those ordinary things in life that are unique for them, like crawling or walking for the first time. Or when each new word that they utter brings such a sense of joy and amazement.

Babies do bring in an energy of abundance. Do you tap into that gift or do you resist it?

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