Written by Christy Whitman May 3, 2013

“Appreciation of others and the appreciation of yourself is the closest vibrational match to Source Energy of anything that we’ve ever witnessed anywhere.”  ~Abraham-Hicks

The fastest way to get into a good mood or to radiate a good energy vibration is to practice appreciation. The greatest way to self-love is through self-appreciation. When you can look at the good things you have and say thank you, you are appreciating. When you can thank yourself and the Universe for all you have, you are in a high vibration. You cannot vibrate two different types of energy. If your mind and energy is focused on appreciation and giving thanks for what you already have, you will be moving in the direction of a positive life experience.

There is a reason that we should be appreciative. Appreciation for anything, including the self, sends out a call to the Universe to give you more.

The other day I gave Alex and Maxim a surprise. It was a lollipop. Alex said to me, “I wanted a car, not a lollipop.” I immediately felt unappreciated, and I certainly did not feel like giving him anything else. Later that day I explained to him how important appreciation is (we explain it all the time). This time I explained what happened within me when he did not appreciate the gift I had for him. “I did not feel like giving you anything more. The Universe works like that too. If you are appreciative of what you have, you get more. People and the Universe give to those that are truly appreciative—not just from your head, but from your heart.”

I always hope that things will click, and it certainly did that day with him.
“Whatever you appreciate and give thanks for will increase in your life.”
Sanaya Roman
Have you ever noticed how much you enjoy being around people who appreciate you, thank you, and acknowledge you? Well, how do you think you would feel about you if you did this for yourself? Whenever you stop to thank yourself for the abundance you have (because you created it), you will receive more. You literally change your entire energy field when you appreciate. As you give thanks, your heart opens. Your heart is a direct path to your soul. It is where the two worlds of form and spirit meet. Appreciation is the path straight to your heart, to your energy, and to your soul.
Appreciation Playsheet:

1. What things do you appreciate about your life?
2. What people do you appreciate?
3. What good things about yourself (your body, mind, etc.) do you appreciate?
4. Write a letter to yourself and express your appreciation for you!


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