Accept a Compliment

Written by Christy Whitman December 20, 2011

It is important to teach our children how to receive, especially when they receive a compliment. Here is a quick tip for helping your children take in compliments.

  1. Give them a compliment, “You are so bright. You are so beautiful. You are an amazing spirit.”
  2. Have your child take a deep breath and feel what it feels like to receive. Tell them to open up, take a breath and experience the truth of the compliment.

The Universal Laws for Children: What you focus on you will receive.

Tell your children “If you want to get something, Give it.”

  • Invite them to give one thing to someone else in the family (hug, smile, compliment).
  • Inspire them to receive graciously. When someone gives you something (smile, hug, a compliment) open up your heart and feel and accept it.
  • Share a brief ritual of gratitude for life’s gifts. Have them say, “I am grateful for all that I have received today.”

Affirmation: The Universe supports me in all that I desire.

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