A Mother’s Prayer

Written by Christy Whitman November 21, 2011

Years ago, I heard that a mother’s prayer is the most powerful prayer that there is to give. When a mother prays for her child, there is so much love and intention that goes into that prayer. With all that high energy behind those words and  intention, the prayer must come true. That is why it is so important to pray from a vibration of love  rather than fear.

Each night when my boys go  to bed, I do the same ritual. I tell them seven important affirmations that we  incorporated into our Enlightened Kid Program such as “You are free. You are powerful.” And then I tell them my  “Mother’s Prayer.”

Each night say to your children:

“May all the angels, guides, masters, enlightened ones, ancient ones, fairies of the Universe, God and Goddess surround you with love and light. May you have a restful sleep. May you know you are safe, protected and loved.”

I then give each of them a big kiss and tell them I will see them in the morning.

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