Aligning with Abundance

Written by Christy Whitman August 27, 2012
Alex and Maxim sharing an apple

I had to share this picture of Alex and Maxim sharing an apple. It makes me smile seeing how they are both coming from an abundant mindset.

Are you aligning with abundance?

Abundant people focus on what they can give in a situation, versus what they can take.

When you go into a relationship, work environment, or any type of interaction, are you focused on how to bring and express the best of you so that you can contribute? Or are you focused on what you can get out of the situation?

Abundant people know that as they give the best of themselves, they will receive more and more from the Universe – like clockwork.

People with a lack mentality believe that there’s only a limited amount, and they want to get “their share,” so they focus on taking.

Look for what you can give today – whether it is a smile, a or a compliment.


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