Building strong self-esteem

Written by Christy Whitman July 31, 2012

If your child does not always want to be with others, it does not mean that he has low self-esteem. Being comfortable spending time alone is a good skill and is important for one’s mental health. Your child’s self-esteem affects how well he does day-to-day. It also affects his relationships with you and with others, and has an impact on how he manages at school and in other social situations. Positive self-esteem helps children have the courage to be their own person and believe in their own values. It helps children make healthy choices and feel confident about saying “no” to dangerous activities.

In order to build strong self-esteem, children need to feel loved and accepted. Taking good care of your child helps him to feel loved and valued. When you play with your child and help him to learn, he becomes more self-confident and therefore willing to try new things. When your child goes to school and does well on a test, or while playing a sport, your praise and encouragement will help him feel proud of what he has accomplished.

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