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Enlightened Kid Ages 0-2

It’s never too early to instill empowering beliefs in your child and create an unbreakable foundation for them to build on. You will be amazed at the connection and communication you will create with your child…

Enlightened Kid Ages 2-5

These can be the most influential years of your child’s development and their connection with self. Give them the power of unshakable self confidence and watch how quickly they stop throwing tantrums and own their personal power…

Enlightened Kid Ages 5-8

Being introduced to the world through school can be a difficult time for many kids this age. Teach them to be strong, confident, powerful beings and they will thrive – both intellectually and socially…


Success and Failure

February 8, 2018 / by Bill / Leave a Comment


We’ve all been trained at a very young age to cope with and deal with failure.  Some might be big and some might be small.  And we seemed to have learned how to deal with failure, and we did … read more


Teaching Our Kids that Perception is Everything

January 30, 2018 / by Bill / Leave a Comment


Perception is the way that you think about or understand someone or something. It is the way that you see or understand something using one of your senses. Perception is how each one of us … read more


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